How to set up a network rendering

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How to set up a network rendering

Message par MichaelSmith » lun. 28 mai 2018 10:28


You must have 2 machines or more on the same network.
- Save your scene when it's ready to render...
- Put exact same scene and copy of KT on all networked machines you plan to use.
- Start the scene on your 'main' machine... but under networking pulldown in the render settings choose it as 'Server'.
- Start the exact same scene rendering with exact same settings (unbiased settings, or animated cameras only) on the other machine(s)
- Under the network settings in the render dialog choose 'client' Network rendering does not work for a single image in BIASED render mode such as raytracing or PM+FG. It only works with UNbiased - such as MLT, PTP, BiPT, MLT(BiPT) - OR - it will work for net-rendering an animation. But stills in PM+FG will not render with network rendering... yet.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Re: Question about Freight and Streetcar Intermixing

Message par tibidibtibo » lun. 28 mai 2018 14:43

Hi MichaelSmith,

You could have introduced yourself, we like to know who we are talking to ;-)

The reason is not the strength of the track because Nantes will order larger trains. The reason is the flow capacity : mixing freight and passengers on the tramway network would involve creating freight terminals, to keep the passenger traffic free. This represents a cost ... especially as the passenger operation of lines 1, 2 and 3 is already difficult!
In the past, traffic wasn't very high, today the minimum interval between 2 trains can be lower than 30 seconds during rush hour.